Relaxing holidays in an early 1900s courtyard in the middle of fields and wilderness

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Lamminkankaantie 193
43270 Kalmari Saarijärvi

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Tel. 040 703 0519

  • Lamminkangas

In traditional surroundings in the middle of field parcels and wilderness there are old courtyards, beach saunas and boats as well as buildings decorated in the old style. Venue for small meetings and events. 6 – 28 beds during the winter season. Meeting room available by arrangement. Also provides a peaceful residence for artists, writers etc.


Valonranta (2-8 pers.); Tähdikki: (2 pers.); Liinaranta: (2-6 pers.); Piennarpää: (2-10 pers.); Lamminkangas: (4-10 pers.). Granaries (1-2 pers. each).

Contact Kirsti Hetemäki-Günsberg.

Beds: 40 pcs

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