Central Finland Provincial Trail

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Central Finland Provincial Trail

Reitin lähtöpiste Saarijärven keskustassa: Lähdekuja 2

phone number:

044 4598 295 (maintenance personnel), 044 4598 296 (recreation officer), 044 4598 298 (office)

Central Finland Provincial Trail covers a cross-country skiing and hiking trail from Saarijärvi to Kannonkoski leading through the Pyhä-Häkki National Park and nice rest places at lakes.  The trail is partly difficult to follow because of several forestry measures in the area. Part of it,  starting from Saarijärvi,  is a very popular cross-country ski trail in the winter season. The ski trail located on the side of Saarijärvi is being maintained buy the municipality.

Central Finland Provincial Trail & starting place in Saarijärvi (map published by Saarijärvi town)

Nature Trail Map of North Central Finland, covering e.g. the Central Finland Provincial Trail (for browsing, pdf, 6 Mb)

Overview of the above Nature Trail  map (pdf, A4)

The Nature Trail Map of North Central Finland was printed in 2008, due to which part of the routse and services presented are not necessarily available or maintained anymore, such as the hiking trails in Karstula and the cross-country off-road riding trail Kolkanlahti — Lehtola.

Starting point of the trail in the Saarijärvi town centre, at Lähdekuja 2.

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