Kierrätyskeskus ja luontotupa


Recycling centre and nature information centre

Contact information:
Kierrätyskeskus ja luontotupa

Oppitie 2
43100 Saarijärvi

phone number:

Tel. 044 4598 748

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 9 am-4 pm and Sat 9 am-2 pm.

  • Kierrätyskeskus ja luontotupa

Second-hand shop in the centre of Saarijärvi. Intact usable items like toys, books, furniture, crockery, ornaments etc. and also clothes and rags. The recycling centre accepts used items free of charge. Bicycle repair shop open Mon-Fri until the end of September.

Upstairs is a nature information centre with showcases that present illustratively the area’s nature and animals. At the same time the space serves as a cosy conference room for max. 15-20 people. Conference use and coffee service upon reservation.

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