Uimahalli–Kuntokeskus Aarresaari


Indoor pool, fitness center Treasure Island

Contact information:
Uimahalli–Kuntokeskus Aarresaari

Sivulantie 6
43100 Saarijärvi

Web page

phone number:

Valvontahuone: 044 4598 275
Cafe / ticket sales: 044 4598 278

Opening hours:

From 1.9.

Swimming hall
mon 13.00-20.30
tue 7-9, 12.00-20.30
wed 7-9, 13.00-20.30
thu 7-9, 12.00-20.30
fri 13.00-20.30
sat 12.00-17.30
sun closed

mon 13.00-20.30
tue 7.00-20.30
wed 7.00-20.30
thu 7.00-20.30
fri 7.00-20.30
sat 12.00-17.30
sun with keycard

Ticket sales closes half an hour before closing!


  • Swimming pool and Fitness Centre Aarresaari

In Saarijärvi you can enjoy water even indoors. You deserve to pamper yourself in the Jacuzzi, water massage and in the gentle heat of the steam bath. If you prefer speed, try the 36 meter water slide. Break a sweat in the fitness centre or gym and take a dip in the cold pool afterwards.

You can use steam rooms, ordinary saunas, water massage jets, hot tub, cold pool, therapy pool, and 36 m water slide, children’s pool with slide, fitness room and gym. At the centre there are also the modern and versatile indoor sports facilities of the multi-purpose hall that are also suitable for larger cultural or other events and trade fairs.

In the summer season the opening hours are reduced, but you can get into the gym with a chip card Mon-Sun 6-22 hour(you must buy the card before the summer season starts!). Check the opening hours on the website.

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