Seven Lakes Canoeing Route

A sense of freedom in beautiful lake scenery

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Seven Lakes Canoeing Route

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Enjoy the beauty of as many as seven lakes on one trip on the kayaking route that takes you round the centre of Saarijärvi. When you find a lovely beach, just pull the canoe in. There is always time to sit on the beach and dream.

The versatility of the nature and the different waterways are memorable elements along the route. The trail has several rest stops and lean-to shelters where you can stay overnight. There are a couple of short tracks where you need to carry your canoe or kayak, and there are carts available for that purpose.

The Tour of Seven Lakes covers the lake route from Saarijärvi via Kallinjärvi, Summasjärvi, Kiimasjärvi, Pyhäjärvi, Iso-Lumperoinen and Pieni-Lumperoinen back to Saarijärvi.

Map (A3, 8 pages): Saarijärvi Route of Rapids and the Tour of Seven Lakes (pdf)


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