Kulhanvuori ja Syväojan rotko

Kulhanvuori hill and Syväoja gorge

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Kulhanvuori ja Syväojan rotko

Konttimäentie 1100
43220 Mahlu

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Kulhanvuori is located at the west end of the Kulha esker foundation in Konttimäki, Saarijärvi. It’s a heap-like 60 metres high hill which rises about 260 metres above sea level. The mountain/hill and the surrounding eskers, ponds, brooks and the Syväoja gorge form an unique natural landscape. There is a 3,5 kilometres long marked and partially challenging hiking route. A skiing route that is part of the Central Finland provincial trail goes through the area.

Kulhanvuori, map from www.retkikartta.fi

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